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    Welcome to RxCelerate
    Your outsourced
    drug discovery platform.
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    World-leading expertise
    From discovery chemistry through to the clinic.
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    Our philosophy
    Bespoke design, economical decisions, and data-rich
    end-points in an accelerated system.


RxCelerate is as an outsourced drug development platform specialising in bespoke experimental design with data-rich end-points. We can drive your asset through drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, preclinical research and beyond; maximising your chances of reaching the clinic.

RxCelerate offers comprehensive investigation packages and stand-alone assays with in-built flexibility, making it the perfect partner for both virtual, asset-centric companies and large pharmaceutical companies seeking to outsource elements of their project.

We combine client consultation with in-house expertise to ensure that our in vitro design and preclinical models are robust and information rich, improving both compound progression and translational capacity.

Choosing RxCelerate as your business partner will add financial and intellectual benefits to your drug candidate, helping to move it through IND within an accelerated time frame.

RxCelerate Road Map
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