RxCelerate performs comprehensive in vitro R&D from off-the-shelf assays to bespoke experimental design. We have expertise in developing functional cell-based assays, which provide a screening tool to enable a strategic and cost-effective approach to lead optimisation and associated down-stream analyses. Our services will enrich your drug discovery programme in both an in vitro and ex vivo setting.

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Functional cell-based assays

RxCelerate offers a complete range of functional cell-based assays in primary and continuous cell lines, as well as ex vivo preparations. We specialise in matching in vitro systems with end-point requirements. Our facilities include:

  • Flow cytometry - e.g. Quantifying nTreg and Th-17 populations in spleen and lymph node ex vivo preparations
  • Autophagy – e.g. Cell based assays measuring autophagic flux using different cell types
  • Structural correction – e.g. Functional assays to correct mis-folded proteins
  • Protein secretion assays – e.g. Treating cell lines with compounds to increase protein yield in supernatant
  • Screening assays - e.g. Evaluating a series of novel compounds for their efficacy
  • Phagocytosis assays e.g. Using fluorescence based assays to monitor the activity of phagocytic cells
  • Aggregate clearance - e.g. Measuring clearance of Huntingtin (Htt) protein in GFP-tagged Htt overexpressing cells
  • Migration assays - e.g. In cell lines, human peripheral blood, leukocytes, mouse peritoneal macrophages to specific chemokines/cytokines
  • Stimulation assays – e.g. Looking at inflammatory profiles in cells/supernatant/whole blood after treatment with an inducing agent
  • Enzymatic assays – e.g. Enzyme cleavage assays to assess functionality of process
  • RNAi – e.g. Using siRNA to knockdown specific proteins in a cell line, to help identify the components crucial for a cellular process.

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We offer fully integrated histological services from sample preparation to pathological diagnostics, both in-house and through our associate consultant, Dr Martyn Foster. Our combined expertise include:

  • Tissue processing – e.g. Cryo and paraffin sectioning
  • Conventional staining – e.g. Haemotoxylin and Eosin staining
  • Tissue specific histological staining – e.g. Periodic acid-Schiff stain for glycogen and other carbohydrates, and silver stain for reticular fibres, nerve fibres and fungi
  • Immunocytochemistry (ICC) – e.g. Staining of whole cells with antibodies specific to your component of interest after treatment with a novel compound
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) – e.g. Staining smooth muscle tissue sections with anti-alpha actin antibody after treatment with a novel compound
  • Quantitative immunofluorescence – e.g. Quantifying fluorescence in tissue sections containing fluorescently tagged proteins
  • Stereology - to measure the number, length, surface and volume of cells and cellular components
  • Pathology reports.


Our range of competitive and non-competitve immunoassays is extensive and can be used for single- and multi-analyte detection. We always perform work-up experiments to minimise interference from analyte-dependent and –independent cross-reactivity. Our facilities include:

  • Cytokine assays - e.g. Quantifying the cytokine array profile in ex vivo plasma/serum preparations
  • ELISAs – e.g. Complimentary to cell-based protein secretion assays, in order to quantify the amount of protein in cell supernatant
  • ELISpot – e.g. Complimentary to cytokine-secreting cell based assays or ex vivo preparations, to measure immune responses
  • Luminex assays – for multi-analyte detection e.g. Phosphorylated proteins and metabolic markers
  • Western Blotting – in cell supernatants and lysates, tissue homogenates, serum/plasma and other biological fluids. Often complimentary to RNAi and cell-based protein secretion assays.

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Bespoke experiments

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke experimental needs.