Working with RxCelerate has been akin to having that additional highly skilled project team member just when you most need it, every bit as committed to ensuring the project succeeds. Interactions with RxCelerate often feel more like a partnership than a service with the staff going the extra mile to understand the science behind the request to ensure that the best solution is researched, offered and planned in partnership with customers.

The quality of the results delivered are exemplary and delivered in a timely manner with proactive and insightful support for interpretation and discussion.  Their flexible approach and strong communication allows studies to be optimised and altered as the work progresses with no fuss ensuring that maximal information is extracted from each study. The group are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

RxCelerate have joined a developing group of highly effective CROs providing bespoke and high quality flexible drug discovery resource, both intellectual and technical. They will no doubt continue to be highly successful.

Gayle Chapman Dr G. Chapman
VP R&D Epsilon-3 Bio Ltd.

Levicept, a biotechnology company developing a novel agent (LEVI-04) for the treatment of osteoarthritis, has been working with RxCelerate for in excess of 3 years.  RxCelerate is a key partner in the development of LEVI-04 and indeed Jill and the team have helped identify and develop bespoke models of osteoarthritis that underpin the translation to man, mechanism(s) of action and subsequently the progression of LEVI-04 to Phase 1clinical trials. 

RxCelerate is more than a CRO but an extension of Levicept's development team.  RxCelerate adds significant value to our programme by understanding the background science in great depth. Jill and the team are able to provide a service that few CROs are capable of matching.  

I would highly recommend RxCelerate to any pharmaceutical or biotechnology company seeking a contract research organisation that provides exceptionally high quality data, outstanding animal ethical standards, scientific know-how and most importantly a CRO that takes the time to understand the science and consequently helps develop models that meet your scientific and translational goals.

Simon Westbrook Simon Westbrook
CEO Levicept Ltd.

RxCelerate was instrumental in the success of XO1. They should be your first port of call for those critical experiments upon which the value and decision-making of your company or programme depend. Jill Reckless is an experimental biologist of the highest order and Jill and her team are wonderfully obsessive about flawless experimental design and execution. They particularly excel in the area of novel model systems where no precedents exist, or where current models are inadequate and need to be re-designed.

Richard Mason Dr Richard Mason
CEO XO1 Limited



It's such a pleasure, working with partners in whom you have complete trust. RxCelerate has added value to many of our programs and we have no hesitation recommending them to our friends.

Kevin Johnson Kevin Johnson
Medicxi Ventures

Rxcelerate is one of my 'go-to-first CROs' as they always deliver quality on schedule. A particular strength is their desire to engage in dialogue in planning and preparation and to feedback and discuss progress throughout the execution of a project. All in all - a best in class CRO

thumb Dr Trevor Baglin




I look on Rxcelerate as an integral part of the team. They not only perform projects to a very high standard but are able to consult on study design through to data interpretation providing exceptional support  for smaller virtual companies

thumb Patrick Hextall

Rxcelerate successfully carried out immunocytochemical studies for us which were an important aspect of our research project. In addition, they directed and managed interactions with a CRO that had failed to expedite a piece of contract research, bringing it to a successful conclusion. We have found Rxcelerate approachable and always willing to discuss the work plan.

Scott Crowe Scott Crowe
CSO VHSquared


A key part of early stage investment is to clearly demonstrate, in a cost-effective and timely manner, that an interesting scientific discovery has the potential to become a marketable clinical product.   I have worked with RxCelerate over the past three years on a variety of cellular and in vivo models and I would recommend them as the partner of choice to deliver on key experiments in early drug discovery and development.  The requirements can be the transfer of an existing assay to conduct confirmatory validation studies or the development and validation of bespoke models to answer specific questions about a novel mechanism of action.  The company model  is such that in vivo studies can often be designed to generate additional endpoints e.g. toxicology data from efficacy studies to direct future toxicology study design.  This maximises value and provides potential to accelerate overall timelines. The RxCelerate team comprises of  highly professional, innovative and committed scientists who work closely with the project team, either in a virtual company setting or alongside existing labs, to achieve the highest quality and robust datasets which are critical to future investment.

Mary Donnelly Dr Mary Donnelly

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.